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      Kelsall Support Network page updated on 25/04/2020
      Updated on 01/06/2020


      Success of the village web site depends on the input from all the local groups, societies, businesses, services and venues. To be featured on the site please email the with all the relevant details, together with photographs (if applicable).

      Development of the web site will continue over the next few months, so if you have any comments, suggestions, requests or questions please email the Photographs of the local area or events are especially welcome.

      • Notices •


      *** Latest Issue No. 272 June/July 2020 Now Available ***

      The KADRAS Committee have decided not to ask the distributors to deliver the magazine and instead to make it available here on the website. Please make family and friends aware of this. Click the link below to access the latest edition. (You will need Adobe Reader installed which can be downloaded from here, free of charge: Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

      In normal circumstances the Annual Subscriptions (?pa) would be due and would be collected by your distributors in March/April. However we are living through a very difficult time and for that reason the KADRAS Committee have decided that the collection of subs will be delayed until a more auspicious time.

      If you know of any family, friends or neighbours who would like to subscribe, please contact Anne or Ray or any member of the committee.


      Please mark contributions ‘KADRAS News’.

      Items to KADRAS Chairman Ray Evans, Ingleside, Chester Rd, Kelsall. tel: 752494 or email: ray.evans21@btinternet.com.

      Magazine Editor: Anne O’Donnell, tel: 751836, email: longputt@hotmail.com.


      Directory of useful information has been updated.

      Click here!

      The Coronavirus COVID-19 Kelsall Support Network dedicated page which contains a directory of useful information was last updated Saturday 25th April 2020. Any changes made between this and the previous version updated on the Sunday 19th April 2020 are highlighted in dark red.

      Keep in touch

      Future versions of this directory will also be sent via email. Please email kelsall.network@gmail.com to be added to the mailing list. If you would prefer to receive a paper copy, please phone Liz on 01829 752 978.

      Please check on older or vulnerable neighbours to ensure this information gets through to them.

      Kelsall Support Network


      Kelsall Support Network


      Hello! If you are isolating, we can help!

      There is a group of volunteers in Kelsall who can help if you cannot leave the house due to Covid-19 isolation, by:

      • Picking up shopping or prescriptions,
      • A friendly phone call,
      • Posting mail,
      • Dog walking, etc.

      Please call Anne on 01829 751 636, or Humphrey on 01829 752 905, preferably between 4pm and 6pm (leave a message), we'll put you in touch with someone who can help.

      Coronavirus (COVID-19)

      Coronavirus (COVID-19)

      It is important during the present pandemic that everyone follows Government guidance. For the latest information click on the following links:


      Gov.uk - https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus

      NHS - https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/

      NHS 111 - https://111.nhs.uk/

      clean* - urban + rural window cleaning


      clean* - urban + rural window cleaning

      Established over 25yrs ago, clean* have mainly been doing commercial window cleaning, but are now happy to offer residential window cleaning to the residents of the village as well!

      For further detail see the entry here: clean*


      Posted 21st May 2020
      Handy Jigsaws Logo


      Handy Jigsaws

      Handy Jigsaws is an entirely FREE jigsaw lending library available to all Kelsall residents offering...

      • Quality brands - Gibsons, Ravensburger, Falcon & HOP
      • Up to 100 titles to choose from
      • 500, 636, 1000, 250XL & 500XL piece counts and "Dementia-friendly" range
      • Delivered to your front door
      • Yours to enjoy for up to 1 month
      • Collected from your front door

      For full details see the entry here: Handy Jigsaws


      Posted 12th May 2020
      St Philip's Kelsall

      St.Philip’s Church, Kelsall

      Photography and Art Exhibition 2020


      Postponed until 2021, but keep taking those photos and look out for any potential historical/interesting photographs of Kelsall and area during those 'lockdown sort-outs', and let Kath Roberts kroberts18@talktalk.net (01829 752209) know of anything of interest.

      Posted 10th May 2020


      Ashton Garden & Handyman Service

      Ashton Garden & Handyman Service is a local gardener / handyman service. See their entry on the business pages: Ashton Garden & Handyman Service


      Posted 5th May 2020
      Dab Hand Puzzles & Pastimes


      Dab Hand Puzzles & Pastimes

      Dab Hand Puzzles & Pastimes is a small enterprise based in Kelsall, focused on quality jigsaws and traditional games. Formed in 2019, they stock new jigsaws, used jigsaws (checked and complete), new and used traditional games and playing cards, “Dab Handmade” greetings cards, puzzle accessories, and related gifts. See their entry on the business pages: Dab Hand Puzzles & Pastimes


      Posted 11th April 2020
      Kelsall Community Centre

      Kelsall Community Centre

      Online Booking System is now live

      Kelsall Community Centre now has an online booking system which is accessible via the Community Centre page here: Kelsall Community Centre. The calendar at the bottom of the page shows all the activities going on at the centre, just click on an event to view more details or to make a booking request click on the .

      Posted 12th March 2020
      Paw Patrol Cheshire


      Paw Patrol Cheshire

      Paw Patrol Cheshire offer dog walking, small animal visits, pet taxi and pet sitting services. See their entry on the business pages: Paw Patrol Cheshire or check out their Facebook page: Facebook page or call Becky on 0741 499 9478.


      Posted 5th March 2020


      The creation of a new wellbeing hub in Kelsall, Cheshire, has moved a step closer following a ?7,500 financial boost from Trafford Housing Trust.

      The Kelsall Wellbeing Hub will be attached to a new NHS Medical Centre also being built on the site off Chester Road. When it opens in 2021, the Hub will provide a range of services aimed at addressing social issues.

      As well as providing support for people experiencing challenges in their lives, the Hub will include a daily community caf?to address the issues of loneliness and social isolation. The caf?will be run by volunteers who will be trained as Social Connectors and trained to listen, understand and signpost people to services provided by the Hub or elsewhere.

      The grant from Trafford Housing Trust's Social Investment Fund comes as Laurus Homes, the housing development arm of the Trust, continues work on its nearby 166 home Earlsbrook development, which sits on the edge of Delamere Forest.

      Alongside the contribution from the Trust, finance to create the Hub - which will cost ?30,000 in total - has been raised through a concerted campaign led by Kelsall Patient Participation Group. Whilst the full amount has been raised, ?3,000 is still needed to repay loans from individuals and local businesses, with more fundraising events planned for this year.

      Humphrey Claxton, Chairman of the Group, said: "We are enormously grateful for this support from Trafford Housing Trust which has given our fundraising efforts a terrific boost. The Wellbeing Hub will be a great resource for the Earlsbrook residents."

      Fay Jackson, Social Investment Manager, Trafford Housing Trust, said: "Our Earlsbrook development will comprise 166 homes and add around 600 new residents to the area who will be signing up to be supported by the new NHS Medical Centre and Hub. We were therefore happy to help out with some of the funding for the new Wellbeing facilities."

      Trafford Housing Trust aims to invest ?million a year through its Social Investment Fund into projects that tackle poverty, address inequality, strengthen families and improve skills and employment opportunities to transform lives.

      Posted 3rd February 2020
      D&G Bus

      82 Bus Service

      now provided by D&G Bus

      The 82 bus service has been taken over by D&G Bus. The timetable for the new service can be seen on their website here: 82 Bus Timetable. The terminus in Chester is now the new Bus Interchange, it does also now stop at Stand DD in Foregate Street.


      Updated 19th November 2019
      OPAL - Older People Active Lives

      OPAL GoOnLine sessions in Kelsall

      At The Royal Oak, Chester Road CW6 ORR, 10am to 12noon

      Free GoOnLine service for Volunteers, Carers and the over 60’s continues to run in Kelsall.

      So if you lack confidence or just need extra help in using computers, tablets or your mobile phone and would like individual support in a friendly and relaxed environment join us.

      The sessions will run on alternate Tuesdays 10am to 12 mid-day.

      For further details see the OPAL GoOnLine website here: www.opalservices.org.uk

      Posted 7th September 2018
      Sandstone Ridge

      A Pictorial History of the Sandstone Ridge

      The Sandstone Ridge Trust would like people’s help to compile a pictorial history of the wonderful Sandstone Ridge.

      The Sandstone Ridge is one of Cheshire’s most distinctive landscapes, covering 230 sq kms (88 sq miles) of rolling hills and escarpments that stretch from Frodsham and Helsby in the north, through Delamere, Tarporley, Beeston, Peckforton and Bickerton, to Malpas in the south. This is rural Cheshire at its finest, linked by the Sandstone Trail.

      The Ridge has a long and rich history that ranges from pre-historic landscapes through the Roman, Saxon and Medieval periods to the present day. Its appearance has been shaped by centuries of farming, forestry and use of natural resources, including water sources like ancient springs and wells, as well as sandstone, sand and gravel, copper, marl and other minerals.

      Old photographs and postcards can provide a revealing snapshot into how people have interacted with the landscape over the decades and centuries. By comparing them with present day views it becomes possible to understand how the countryside, villages and buildings in the area have changed over time.

      The Trust would like to hear from anyone who has old photographs and postcards of the Sandstone Ridge area. These can be either in their original (photograph/postcard), or scanned (digital) forms. If enough images can be found, it is hoped that they could be published in a small book for everyone’s enjoyment.

      You can contact the Trust by emailing xổ số đồng tháp xổ thử.

      Posted 15th April 2018
      'The Story of Kelsall by Elspeth Thomas' image

      The Story of Kelsall by Elspeth Thomas

      Kadras has kindly allowed the full text of the book 'The Story of Kelsall' by Elspeth Thomas (with illustrations by Anne Saul) to be made available on the website. The book is in a text searchable pdf format. Click the link below to have a read of this fabulous resource.

      The Story of Kelsall by Elspeth Thomas